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What's Changing in Employee Benefits and How Can Your Company Adapt?

If you missed one of your Association's Health Care seminars, where the latest in health care innovations, health care reform compliance requirements, wellness plans and more were discussed, you can view the seminar held on Thursday, Oct. 2 in Lynnwood here.


Be Part of Something Bigger! Volunteer!

Our community needs our help, and your Association is stepping up to the call – with paint brushes in hand! This is where Painting a Better Tomorrow® (PBT) comes in. PBT is our annual fall event, where members and friends of the Master Builders Association take one Saturday to paint homeless shelters and nonprofit agencies throughout our community. This year’s event will be held at the Seneca YWCA in downtown Seattle, which is celebrating its 100th year in the Seneca building, where many of the original architectural features are still noticeable and in need of some fresh paint. Be part of something bigger! Volunteer now and join us for the 2014 Painting a Better Tomorrow on Nov. 8 at the Seneca YWCA to brighten up the lives of those in need.


Seattle Builders Council Fall Dinner

This year was tough for builders and developers in Seattle. Small-lot, micro-housing and low-rise housing took some major hits. Now any business that builds anything in Seattle is faced with a square footage charge on every project. At the Seattle Builders Council Fall Dinner on Wednesday, Nov. 12, a panel discussion will cover what happened, why, what we've learned and where we go from here. The panel will include Smart Growth Seattle Director Roger Valdez; Scott Shapiro, a micro-housing builder; and Jon Scholes of the Downtown Seattle Association, who is putting together a broad strategy to push back on Seattle City Councilmember Mike O'Brien's linkage tax proposal.


Free Retro Claim-Management Workshops

Effective claims management can help your bottom line. GRIP members will learn how at the Retro Claim-Management Workshop.


Social and Networking Happy Hours

There are numerous informal networking and social gatherings for the purpose of getting to know one another and catching up with old friends. Find one that fits into your schedule and join us for a good time.