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Planning Commission Recommends Extension of Impact Fee Discount in Mountlake Terrace

On Monday, Aug. 11, the Mountlake Terrace Planning Commission voted unanimously to forward a recommendation to the Mountlake Terrace City Council to adopt the proposed transportation and park impact-fee ordinances, extending the 50 percent discount for another three years.


Association Invited to Present Buildable Lands Findings at Senate Work Session

Your Association has been asked to testify Thursday, Sept. 11, before the Senate Government Operations Committee at a work session titled, Finite land and a growing population: How do we prevent a second housing crisis? Will current land use planning be enough? We’ve been asked to speak to the Buildable Lands Program, especially as it relates to the availability of land and housing.


Kirkland Revising Right-of-Way Closure Proposal

The city of Kirkland’s public works department has revised its original proposal for dealing with right-of-way closures, which would have created a graduated fee structure that was cost prohibitive and would have been strongly opposed by your Association and businesses in Kirkland. The revised proposal is to develop a policy for sidewalk, bike lane and parking lane closures that will be limited in scope and length while providing flexibility to meet the needs of new development.


Bellevue Set to Adopt Microhousing Rules

In response to neighborhood feedback, the city of Bellevue has drafted a set of code provisions to regulate microhousing/microsuite developments.Your Association is studying the code; however, any feedback you may have on specific code provisions would be appreciated.


Association Continues to Advocate for Tree Code Changes in Snohomish County

Last week your Association and interested members worked hard to make sure proposed changes to Snohomish County tree regulations were put back on the legislative track. It had been our expectation that the Snohomish County Council would have the measure in committee by this time.


Small-Lot and Microhousing Changes Discussed at Seattle Council Hearing

Last Friday, April 18, the Seattle City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee held a public hearing on small-lot legislation and a briefing on proposed changes to microhousing. Unfortunately the Department of Planning and Development’s (DPD) small-lot legislation makes the code more confusing and would have the unintended consequence of preventing existing single-family residents from adding on to their homes.


Smart Growth Seattle Hires Roger Valdez as its Full-Time Director

Smart Growth Seattle today announced that Roger Valdez will be the full time director of the organization. It has also expanded its partnership to include the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties and others.


Receive Up to $13,500 Back With L&I's Stay at Work Program

Labor & Industries' (L&I) "Stay at Work" program s a new financial incentive program that encourages employers to bring their injured workers quickly and safely back to light-duty or transitional work by reimbursing them for a portion of their costs. Your association recently had a Group Retrospective Insurance Program (GRIP) participant who received the full $10,000 reimbursement, so you will want to check this out!


Economic Forecast, 2nd Half of 2014: Increasing Momentum, Reduced Headwinds

Guest columnist and renowned economist Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. of GraphsandLaughs, LLC, This gives an economic forecast for GDP, employment, inflation and a time-line for Fed action regarding short-term interest rates.